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Ceramic tiles are thin slabs with a mixture of clay or other inorganic material pressed together under high temperatures. Ceramic tiles are a great flooring choice for its sturdiness and long lasting performance. These tiles are of glazed and unglazed varieties and manufactured based on its area of application. Ceramic tiles are consistent, reassuring and come in a wide range of colors that are complementary to any style of home. The best use of ceramic tile flooring is in kitchens, dining areas, play rooms and bathrooms because they are very moisture resistant. Ceramic tiles are the most versatile type of tile flooring with very less upkeep and easy cleaning techniques that does not require any harmful chemical agents.

At Tile Stores Phoenix, we have a huge ceramic tile collection. We offer ceramic tile flooring in both glazed and unglazed types for residential and commercial applications. We have ceramic tiles from prominent brands with outstanding quality and refined finishes. Our assortments of ceramic tiles can embellish the semblance of any expanse it is laid. We provide ceramic tiles for the patrons of Phoenix, AZ and its suburbs like Tempe, Glendale, and Mesa.

Our ceramic tile flooring is provided under a grading system from zero to five depending on hardness for the areas it has to be laid. Our eminent staff will assist you in picking a better flooring type for your indoor or outdoor flooring needs based on your requirements and other factors like climate and topography. Our assortment of ceramic tiles are resistant to stains and scratches. Purchase ceramic tile flooring from us and we provide free next day installation and life time installation warranties.

Heating and then cooling natural clay leads to the production of the material of which ceramic tile is made. When it comes to home flooring, a majority of the people prefer ceramic tiles. Glazed ceramic tiles have a protective layer which makes them resistant to stain and water penetration. This makes ceramic tile flooring an ideal choice for moist environments like kitchens and bathrooms.
Ceramic tile flooring available at Tile Stores Phoenix are callous and are hard to crack. The quality ceramic tile flooring installation that we provide at Tile Stores Phoenix will make your floors last for 10-20 years and even longer if they are properly maintained.If you do end up seeing a crack in one of the tiles, we will replace it for you in no time.We offer a free lifetime warranty for all of our flooring products.

Ceramic tile flooring is mixed and matched with different patterns or accented with motifs, which adds to their variety. They are also printed to reproduce the look of various natural stone materials. Ceramic tiles alongside can be cut and shaped into rectangles, planks, and triangles.

Most ceramic tile flooring costs 5-10 dollars per square foot. This makes ceramic tile flooring installation a little more expensive than carpet and other flooring materials that come in sheets. Depending on how ceramic tiles look and where they are installed, they add long-term value to your property.

However, to make things convenient and budget friendly for you, Tile Stores Phoenix is offering attractive discounts on ceramic tile flooring and ceramic tile flooring installation. You can get up to a 40% discount on ceramic tiles. Tile Stores Phoenix offers a variety of ceramic tiles differing in shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. They offer wholesale rates and factory direct pricing on ceramic tile flooring for all of their customers.

As far as ceramic tile flooring installation is concerned, because of ceramic tiles’ hard and tough nature, they need to be installed using various grouts, tools, and mortars. While this can be done by an amateur, it is a difficult and time-consuming process. A single installation mistake could compromise the floor.

Because of these reasons, people hire contractors for the installation part. At Tile Stores Phoenix, our professional team will provide installation services as part of the project price. While contractors are always looking out for profits, we guarantee you great work with minimum costs.

If you are looking to replace your flooring, Tile Stores Phoenix is the best option for you. We offer the same deals and services that Express Flooring offers as a brand partner.
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