• 5 Tips for Optimal Tile Installation

    Whether you’ve never done tile installation before, or if you’ve been doing it for years, tile installation is a major time and financial investment. You can get the most out of your new tiles by ensuring they are the right style for your space and installing them correctly. Here are some helpful tips for optimal tile installation:

    1. Visualize your design
    As in any shopping experience, having an idea of what you need before shopping is helpful and helps you make efficient and optimal decisions. It would be helpful to sketch your idea and get a floor plan of the space, along with designing a pattern that you like that also suits the floor plan, before you go shopping and start the tile installation process.

    2. Planning the sequence
    This is another crucial aspect that must be decided before installation itself. Do you want to lay your tile in symmetric pattern, alternate colors, incorporate an accent tile, or use a special tile as a border? Laying out your tiles from ceiling to the floor for showers is also a good idea as it provides better protection to your walls. Drawing the design on the wall board before installing is a good way to ensure the layout is right before installing.

    3. Measure and buy carefully
    Once you have visualized your design, it is important to measure your space to see the quantity of tiles you will need. An online tile calculator can help you assess how many tiles you will need. It is always wise to buy some extra tiles to account for breakage as well as ensuring you have enough shades for variation. Another important factor to account for is the size of the tiles. Make sure you are picking uniform sizes, that fit you floor plan design correctly.

    4. Allow enough time
    The tiles will need some time to dry and fit properly once tile installation is complete. The mortar and grout will take some time to dry out, making the room off limits for a while.

    5. Monitor the room temperature
    Depending on the type of tile you have installed, and the time of year you have finished your installation, it will be necessary to maintain the room at the temperature the manufacturer has specified. Whether that involves using a heater, or the air conditioning, this stage is essential as it helps ensure optimal drying and curing of your brand new floor.

    Keep in mind these helpful tips when installing new tiles to ensure you get the most out of your installation. You can enjoy the benefits that a change of ceramic tiles can bring to your living space. As this is a time consuming and expensive affair, necessary planning and forethought will be helpful, and these tips will prove to work to your advantage as well.
    Nov 16, 2016
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